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Accelium attempts to prescreen every vendor in our network, however, not all vendors may not have been screened.
Even after viewing a full report, analyses from Accelium, it is recommended that buyer conduct their own due diligence before selecting a vendor. Accelium uses independent third-party resources to collect information on each of the vendors in our network including but not limited to sources independent third party rating agencies, market research firms, government agencies and/or current or past clients, partners, associates or employees of the vendors. At no time we represent that the information available through our research is up-to-date or latest information. Even after viewing a full report, analyses from Accelium, it is recommended that buyer conduct their own due diligence before selecting a vendor and to make a judgment on their own. At no time Accelium is representing that the information in its reports, analyses would qualify the vendor to perform the services requested by the buyer. Buyers agree not to rely solely on the Accelium's Reports or Accelium's pre-screening process when choosing a vendor and therefore hold harmless and release Accelium for any such claims.

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